The Martins

Film, Comedy

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Unemployed layabout Robert Martin (Evans) always feels hard done by. Thinking he's a letdown to his wife Angie (Burke) and the kids, he enters competitions in the hope of winning the things he feels his dysfunctional family deserves. This time, it's a dream holiday. But when he finds he hasn't won - again - he decides he's had enough and, freaking out, sets out to steal the holiday instead. It would be misleading to judge this directorial debut by writer Grounds on the comic reputations of its stars. That's not to say the film isn't a comedy, because it's littered with scraps of absurd dark humour. But if you're banking on Evans' hilariously physical stand-up performance or expecting Burke to resurrect her Waynetta Slob persona, you'll be disappointed. And that - with due respect - is a good thing, because it's their talent for drama that makes the film. Grounds' screenplay strikes a yin-yang balance between realist drama and something more ridiculous. But Evans and Burke's superb performances, as a couple truly in love with each other and trying to make the best of what they have, make this a beautiful snapshot of life.

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Release details

87 mins

Cast and crew

Tony Grounds
Tony Grounds
Lee Evans
Kathy Burke
Linda Bassett
Eric Byrne
Terri Dumont
Frank Finlay
Lennie James
Jack Shepherd
Mark Strong
Ray Winstone
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