The Mask


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Stanley Ipkiss is a likeable schmuck, a bank teller who wouldn't say 'boo' to a goose. Men don't give him a second glance, women look right through him - until, one night, Stanley happens across an ancient mask. Wearing it, he's transformed into a lime-faced bundle of mischievous energy, part man, part loony tune. 'I could be a superhero,' he muses, 'a force for good...' But first for some fun: he wreaks vengeful havoc at his local garage, robs the bank where he works, and sweeps lovely nightclub chanteuse Tina (Diaz) off her feet. This is a treat, a classic Jekyll and Hyde story for the '90s. Director Russell brings a lowbrow pulp rigour to the material that's reminiscent of vintage Roger Corman and pays lavish homage to animator Tex Avery. The design is bright as a button and the transformation scenes real eye-poppers, but the film's best special effect is putty-faced Carrey with his razzle-dazzle star turn as the affable Stanley and his manic alter ego. Hip, flip and fly.

By: TCh


Release details

101 mins

Cast and crew

Charles Russell
Mike Werb
Jim Carrey
Cameron Diaz
Peter Riegert
Peter Greene
Amy Yasbeck
Richard Jeni
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