The Mask of Dimitrios


Time Out says

A fine noir-ish thriller, adapted from Eric Ambler's novel (A Coffin for Dimitrios), and respecting its Citizen Kane structure as a mousy little mystery writer (Lorre), intrigued by the reported murder of a seedily nasty international criminal (Scott), begins to reconstruct his story by talking to people from his past. The result is superficial but stylishly atmospheric, with vivid characterisations (notably Greenstreet as a genial blackmailer who ambiguously and rather movingly befriends Lorre) and low-key lighting effects that bring subtle echoes of The Maltese Falcon (Arthur Edeson shot both films).

By: TM


Release details

95 mins

Cast and crew

Jean Negulesco
Frank Gruber
Zachary Scott
Peter Lorre
Sydney Greenstreet
Faye Emerson
George Tobias
Victor Francen
Eduardo Ciannelli
Steve Geray
Florence Bates
Kurt Katch
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