The Master Race


Time Out says

This wordy curiosity, made after D-Day in anticipation of a swift end to the war, serves mostly as a propaganda vehicle for the allied civilian rehabilitation programme. However, beneath the surface appeal to fundamentally decent values (and for a forgiveness amounting to an almost total eradication of memory), fear, hatred, suspicion and disruption are all conveyed with more conviction than the fragile brave new world for which the Americans (with help from the British and Russians) hope. A German general, aware that the war is lost, has gone undercover to stir up World War III, and even in the moment of victory, violence erupts again.

By: CPe


Release details

102 mins

Cast and crew

Herbert J Biberman
Herbert J Biberman, Anne Froelick, Rowland Leigh
George Coulouris
Stanley Ridges
Osa Massen
Nancy Gates
Lloyd Bridges
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