The Match


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Scottish milkman Wullie (Beesley) has worn a calliper since the accident that killed his brother. His only joy is a mouldy pub, Benny's Bar, but now evil winebar owner Gus (Grant) plans to destroy even that. Every year Gus's team defeats Benny's Bar at soccer - if they win again, Gus's fancy-nancy habits will swamp the village. Should Wullie take off for London with sussed Rosemary (Fraser) or fight to preserve his way of life? Brassed Off got away with this plot because Pete Postlethwaite's ability to warm the heart came with a chilly wind and Tara Fitzgerald was allowed a snooty sort of spark. There's no such distraction here. Ian Holm's turn as the beleaguered publican is wretchedly sentimental and Fraser has little to do but look pretty. That said, Hope Ross, as Wullie's grieving single parent Anna, brings a damp, dark-green misery to the proceedings. Mother and son's sitting room is like an impoverished aquarium: one from which Wullie can gaze but never hope to escape.

By: CO'Su


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96 mins

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Mick Davis
Mick Davis
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