The Meteor Man

Film, Fantasy

Time Out says

Meek black teacher (Townsend) is transformed into a green-garbed warrior after being struck by an emerald meteor. The teacher is the sort who tells pupils to run away from bullies. 'Meteor Man' walks the Washington, DC, 'hood and attends to gangsters who've spent too long at the hair salon - whenever you see a blond crop, trouble is never far away. Regrettably, writer/director Townsend spoils a promising idea (there aren't that many black masked avengers) by shamelessly milking every tear-jerking moment.

By: RDo


Release details

100 mins

Cast and crew

Robert Townsend
Robert Townsend
Robert Townsend
Marla Gibbs
James Earl Jones
Robert Guillame
Don Cheadle
Luther Vandross
Bill Cosby
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