The Million Dollar Hotel


Time Out says

Buena Vista Social Club profited from Ry Cooder's contacts book; this, however, stumbles at the first on a story originating with Wenders' other famous rock pal, Bono. It begins with a man leaping from the eponymous LA hostel. Why? To honour his friend Izzy, perhaps. Recalling his last days from beyond the grave, Tom Tom (Davies) expounds a tale in which his ex-pal's own skydive on to the same pavement stirs up a commotion among the denizens of this sanctuary for the down-and-out. What none of them knew was that Izzy was a slumming California golden boy, whose death attracts the attentions of the media and a hardnut FBI investigator called Skinner (Gibson in a neckbrace). Misjudgment abounds: the hotel jetsam are, one and all, rancorous 'wise fool' clichés; Gibson's obscure, obsessive stiffneck is alienating rather than intriguing; the plot goes nowhere, convolutedly; and the soundtrack's limp. One or two scenes evince the sort of cinematic dexterity Wenders might have exploited were he not set on floundering about with this witless material.

By: NB


Release details

122 mins

Cast and crew

Wim Wenders
Nicholas Klein
Milla Jovovich
Jeremy Davies
Mel Gibson
Jimmy Smits
Peter Stormare
Amanda Plummer
Gloria Stuart
Tom Bower
Donal Logue
Bud Cort
Julian Sands
Charlayne Woodard
Tim Roth
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