The Million Pound Note

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

An adaptation of Mark Twain's yarn about two wealthy brothers who pick on a penniless seaman to settle their bet as to whether someone could live on a million without spending anything. Scripted by Jill Craigie (Mrs Michael Foot), it emerges as a bland Technicolor sitcom that overstretches the short story ironies of everything coming to he who has. Squire and Hyde-White are the brothers, Peck the holder of the paper-money fortune who (initially) can't spend it for trying.

By: PT


Release details

91 mins

Cast and crew

Ronald Neame
Jill Craigie
Gregory Peck
Joyce Grenfell
Wilfrid Hyde-White
Jane Griffiths
Maurice Denham
Ronald Squire
AE Matthews
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