The Miracle Woman


Time Out says

Fascinating cautionary tale loosely inspired by the Aimee Semple Macpherson affair, with Stanwyck as a minister's daughter - seeking revenge against the faithful who hounded her father to his death - who teams up with a wily conman (Hardy) to become big business as an evangelist. Stunning camerawork from Joseph Walker makes a joy of the evangelistic razzmatazz (climaxed when Stanwyck does her preaching from a lion's cage), but is equal to the more delicate shading of the comeuppance in which Stanwyck sees the true light after bringing illumination to a blind songwriter. The end sees her a humble soldier in the Salvation Army, but - so beautifully do Stanwyck and Manners play out the love affair, and so perfectly does Capra direct it (with the tenderness, almost, of Borzage) - that you don't feel at all like laughing. (From the play Bless You, Sister by John Meehan and Robert Riskin.


Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

Frank Capra
Jo Swerling, Dorothy Howell
Barbara Stanwyck
David Manners
Sam Hardy
Beryl Mercer
Russell Hopton