The Mirror Has Two Faces


Time Out says

You want love against the odds? You've got it. Rose (Streisand) and Gregory (Bridges) are two brainy Columbia professors who wilt like lettuce in the presence of beauty. Greg hits on a plan. He and Rose will enter into a romance of the mind. He won't have to fight temptation, because Rose is homely as sin: no beauty, no sex, no worries. The only problem? Rose has already fallen in lust with Gregory and can't scramble out. The mirror may have two faces, but Streisand's happy with the one, still employing that riot of eye-rolls and lip-chews so disarming (once) in Funny Girl. Bridges does well as the bumbling nerd, his gulpingly shy exterior hiding a darkly fastidious core; and Bacall runs up and down the scale as Rose's haughty mother. Camp, but not much fun.

By: CO'Su


Release details

126 mins

Cast and crew

Barbra Streisand
Richard LaGravenese
Barbra Streisand
Jeff Bridges
Pierce Brosnan
George Segal
Mimi Rogers
Brenda Vaccaro
Lauren Bacall
Austin Pendleton
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