The Moon Is Blue

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Despite the fuss at the time, there's little blue about this except the title: a stage-bound adaptation of F Hugh Herbert's mildly amusing and mildly naughty romantic comedy - typical Broadway 'sophistication'- about a girl retaining her honour while snaring her man. McNamara is the pixie picked up by Holden on top of the Empire State Building (that's the 'opening out' bit), accepting a dinner invitation to his flat, and causing some tiresome altercations when the middle-aged and lecherous Niven (father of Holden's ex-fiancée Addams) happens to drop in. Amazing to think that the power of the Hollywood Production Code (not to mention the League of Decency) was effectively broken because Preminger insisted on retaining such shocking obscenities as 'virgin', 'seduce' and 'mistress' in the dialogue.

By: TM


Release details

99 mins

Cast and crew

Otto Preminger
F Hugh Herbert
William Holden
David Niven
Maggie McNamara
Dawn Addams
Tom Tully
Fortunio Bonanova
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