The Moon Over the Alley


Time Out says

About the lives of a number of dwellers in a rooming-house just off the Portobello Road, well within the Loach/Garnett tradition of environmental realism, but at the same time managing the infusion of poeticism implicit in the title by means of Kurt Weill-esque songs (music by Hair arranger Galt MacDermot). Though the characters initially come across as well-trodden kitchen sink stereotypes - frustrated adolescents, suspicious middle-aged parents, a young Jamaican couple, an Irish bartender, reclusive 'dirty old man' - the film quickly disarms with its quirky humour. Laughs aside, it's a far from complacent look at the problems of an increasingly squalid London.


Release details

102 mins

Cast and crew

Joseph Despins
William Dumaresq
Doris Fishwick
Peter Farrell
Erna May
John Gay
Sean Caffrey
Sharon Forester