The Naked Cell


Time Out says

'Ere, wanna see a film about a woman who goes mad 'cos she can't get enough sex? Forget Fatal Attraction and all that glossy stuff, this is the real thing - serious bonking, filthy talk, you know, realistic. She's a career woman, see, and a bit of a lush, and we first meet her in the mental home where she's remembering episodes like this bloke with designer stubble giving her one on the sink. The guards question her repeatedly about why she keeps picking up strange blokes, but much of her memory is a blank. Known only as The Prisoner (Jeffrey), she spends much of her time f-ing and blinding and taking leaks in a bucket. We finally learn that she strangled a stranger while he was on the job. In short, she seems to be a Woman Trapped by her Desires. Crude, exploitative rubbish.

By: NF


Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

John Crome
Berkeley Burdock
Vicky Jeffrey
Richard Fallon
Jacquetta May
Yvonne Bonnamy
Jill Spurrier
Nicola Lamb
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