The Nest

Guardiãs do Túmulo

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Don Alejandro is a courtly, quixotic figure on a white steed, stigmatised as 'eccentric' for daring, at sixty, to harbour sexual desires. 13-year-old Goyita (

Ana Torrent

from Spirit of the Beehive), first seen as a school-play Lady Macbeth, is a sensual child-woman but no simple Hispanic Lolita, for she lives literally in the shadow of the law at the station of the local Guarda Civil. The story tells of their chaste but erotic love, with nothing of the whimsical or lubricious: it's the 'tragic show' of stifled dreams, illicit longings, acted out intricately by all the characters, male and female, old and young, and interwoven with a dense web of symbolic allusions - suggestively haunting bird imagery, exultant use of music (Haydn's Creation) and the Macbeth motif that ominously mirrors the main plot. A film of infinite tenderness, lyricism and passion.

By: SJo


Release details

97 mins

Cast and crew

Jaime de Armiñán
Jaime de Armiñán
Héctor Alterio
Ana Torrent
Luis Politti
Agustín González
Patricia Adriani
María Luisa Ponte
Mercedes Alonso
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