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The Net

  • Film

Time Out says

A cod Hitchcockian thriller with Internet knobs on. Babe-next-door Bullock plays Angela, a nerdy freelance computer analyst who, after a top politician blows his brains out, gets caught up in a worldwide web of intrigue, murder and corruption. The night before she goes on holiday, a colleague mails her a mystery virus that provides access to reams of top-secret classified information; however, neither his plane crashing, nor a total computer meltdown at LA airport alerts Angela to danger. While sunning herself in Mexico, she meets an Englishman (Northam), who shares her love of computers and can quote lines from her favourite film, Breakfast at Tiffany's. This immediately alerts us to the fact that Jack is either (a) married, (b) gay, or (c) the bad guy. Angela, however, who doesn't get out much, misses all this. Pretty soon she's fleeing from her gun-wielding seducer, trying to recover an identity that's being systematically erased through alteration of her personal computer records, and dodging bullets on spinning carousels.
Written by NF
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