The NeverEnding Story

Film, Family and kids

Time Out says

A fairytale of the very best kind, with luscious effects which include a flying dragon, a rock monster, a fairy princess (mercifully grave and untwee), and a threat in whose vanquishing lies hope. Made at Munich's Bavaria Studios, the film concerns a withdrawn schoolboy, ignored by his businessman father and bullied at school, who steals a book and finds himself in thrall to the point where he is called upon to enter its world and save the magic land of Fantasia. Adapted from the novel by Michael Ende, the film is a mix of German Romanticism (complete with Wagnerian sets and a score in part by Giorgio Moroder) and Syberberg by way of Disney, or perhaps vice versa. There are even moments of moralising which give the twin heroes' quest someting of the steely tone of a Pilgrim's Progress.


Release details

94 mins

Cast and crew

Wolfgang Petersen
Herman Weigel, Wolfgang Petersen
Tami Stronach
Patricia Hayes
Moses Gunn
Noah Hathaway
Sydney Bromley
Barret Oliver
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