The Night Porter


Time Out says

Like Last Tango in Paris, an operatic celebration of sexual disgust, set in 1957 in a Viennese hotel where Bogarde (maintaining a low profile as a porter) and Rampling (a guest while her conductor husband embarks on a concert tour) meet and recreate their former relationship as sadistic SS officer and child concentration camp inmate; a sexuality that can only end in degradation and self-destruction. Somewhere along the way, the film's handling of serious themes, and its attempts to examine the Nazi legacy in terms of repression and guilt, both sexual and political, get lost amid all the self-conscious decadence. The English language version is terrible.


Release details

118 mins

Cast and crew

Liliana Cavani
Liliana Cavani, Italo Moscati
Dirk Bogarde
Charlotte Rampling
Philippe Leroy
Gabriele Ferzetti
Giuseppe Addobbati
Isa Miranda
Piero Vida
Nora Ricci
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