The Nutty Professor

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Surreal off-the-wall masterpiece, with Lewis again playing 7-stone cretin, this time a campus chemistry professor who woos his dream girl by inventing a magic potion that turns him (on and off) into a he-man of the Dean Martin school (hip, brylcreemed, offensive). The Technicolor blazes and swirls with manic energy, while the Jekyll-and-Hyde plot hustles its way through a minefield of gags, and sneers eloquently at the joys of the New America (a popular off-limits bar called The Purple Pit). Parody and nostalgia: pure alchemy.

By: CA


Release details

107 mins

Cast and crew

Jerry Lewis
Jerry Lewis, Bill Richmond
Jerry Lewis
Stella Stevens
Del Moore
Kathleen Freeman
Med Flory
Norman Alden
Howard Morris
Elvia Allman
Henry Gibson
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