The Nutty Professor

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

In the original, a potion transformed a geeky chemistry teacher into a Dean Martin-style womaniser. In this unsubtle remake, Murphy is Professor Klump, a shy, 28-stone geneticist who uses his 'fat gene' formula to change himself into svelte ladies' man Buddy Love. He also plays the Prof's flatulent father, hard-ass brother, indulgent mother and eccentric grandmother. The Klump family's get-togethers are a tour de force. For all Murphy's comic energy and inventiveness, however, the action remains predictable. The clumsy Prof falls for wafer-thin graduate student Carla Purty (Pinkett), but, after being humiliated by an abrasive night-club comedian (Chappelle), she opts for the testosterone-charged Buddy. To add to Klump's troubles, the potion has a tendency to wear off at embarrassing moments. Every fat gag, fart joke and crude piece of misogyny is played to the hilt.


Release details

95 mins

Cast and crew

Tom Shadyac
David Sheffield, Barry W Blausten, Tom Shadyac, Steve Oedekerk
Eddie Murphy
Jada Pinkett
James Coburn
Larry Miller
Dave Chappelle
John Ales
Patricia Wilson
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