The Omen

Film, Horror

Time Out says

Although this tale of a satanic child was as successful at the box-office as The Exorcist, there's not a drop of green vomit in sight. Instead, this apocalyptic movie mostly avoids physical gore to boost its relatively unoriginal storyline with suspense, some excellent acting (especially from Warner and Whitelaw), and a very deft, incident-packed script. There is not a single original theme in The Omen, but its makers are so resolute in avoiding padding, and so deceptively accomplished in their use of emotional triggers, that you come out wondering how the film succeeds so well. The secret lies partly in the hermetically tight construction which, among other things, veers the action to a spooky chase across Europe just when other horror movies are getting bogged down in what dumb effect to produce next.

By: DP


Release details

111 mins

Cast and crew

Richard Donner
David Seltzer
Gregory Peck
Lee Remick
David Warner
Billie Whitelaw
Harvey Stephens
Leo McKern
Patrick Troughton
Martin Benson
Robert Rietty
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