The One

Film, Action and adventure

Time Out says

The international success of The Matrix opened a portal for numerous lower budget imitators - of which this Jet Li double role action-fantasy is one. It pivots shakily on the notion of a 'multiverse', where everyone has an alter ego in other worlds. Rebellious investigator Gabriel Yulaw (Li) has illegally trawled 123 dimensions, murdering his other personae and absorbing their strength. Now a final opponent - kindly, unwitting LA Sheriff Gabe (Li again) - stands in the way of his becoming 'The One'. Jet's forte, and the film's draw, is physical expression: he's most charismatic when he's kicking ass. In the edgy showdown between Yulaw and Gabe, Jet employs two martial art techniques, providing the only convincing contrast between his dual characters. A full-throttle nu-metal soundtrack and the probability of a sequel target an adolescent male audience. With its camp good humour, it's altogether unoriginal, but divertingly daft.

By: AHa


Release details

87 mins

Cast and crew

James Wong
James Wong, Glen Morgan
Dylan Bruno
Carla Gugino
Jet Li
Richard Steinmetz
Jason Statham
Delroy Lindo
Harriet Sansom Harris
James Morrison
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