The Optimists of Nine Elms


Time Out says

Two kids form a quirky relationship with an eccentric old busker (Sellers). Despite there being a host of things (like songs and music by Lionel Bart) that should have crippled this venture, it has, on the contrary, a lot going for it. With the help of the two kids and some fine location work, Simmons sketches a suitably hard-edged and realistic portrait of a drab existence south of the river. Father is aggressive and mother run-down, reduced to having a quick one Sunday mornings when the children are out. Conditions at home are poor and crowded, but the 'better life' of a promised new council flat is shown up for what it is. At least you feel that Simmons has continually avoided the easy way out, and that should be enough to counteract any feelings of unease.

By: CPe


Release details

110 mins

Cast and crew

Anthony Simmons
Tudor Gates, Anthony Simmons
Peter Sellers
Donna Mullane
John Chaffey
David Daker
Marjorie Yates
Patricia Brake
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