The Other Side of the Mountain


Time Out says

Embarrassing tearjerker wrung out of the real-life tragedy of a girl paralysed by a fall on the eve of selection as an Olympic skier. Shaken out of her self-pity by another skier (Bridges), she (Hassett) finds that she can still live a useful life (teaching in an Indian reservation school), and at last feels able to accept the love offered by Bridges - only to have fate tragically intervene once more. Accompanied by a slushy number sung by Olivia Newton-John, ending on a note of bitter-sweet resignation, it's as unbearably fulsome as its sequel (The Other Side of the Mountain Part 2, 1978).

By: TM


Release details

102 mins

Cast and crew

Larry Peerce
David Seltzer
Marilyn Hassett
Beau Bridges
Belinda J Montgomery
Nan Martin
William Bryant
Dabney Coleman
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