The Other Side of the Mountain


Time Out says

Embarrassing tearjerker wrung out of the real-life tragedy of a girl paralysed by a fall on the eve of selection as an Olympic skier. Shaken out of her self-pity by another skier (Bridges), she (Hassett) finds that she can still live a useful life (teaching in an Indian reservation school), and at last feels able to accept the love offered by Bridges - only to have fate tragically intervene once more. Accompanied by a slushy number sung by Olivia Newton-John, ending on a note of bitter-sweet resignation, it's as unbearably fulsome as its sequel (The Other Side of the Mountain Part 2, 1978).


Release details

102 mins

Cast and crew

Larry Peerce
David Seltzer
Marilyn Hassett
Beau Bridges
Belinda J Montgomery
Nan Martin
William Bryant
Dabney Coleman
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