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Grimly authentic by all accounts about life in 1973 Belfast, this first feature about Northern Ireland still seems more a piece of crusading Americana: a young, war-scarred American idealist enlists in the IRA only to find he is worth more to them dead than alive. From there it trades on the sensationalism and realism of its material: torture, bitterness, and sudden violent death. More confusing than illuminating, it's a film which will rely more on its reputation than its achievement; at a time when 'anything goes', is this one of the limits?

By: DMacp


Release details

128 mins

Cast and crew

Tony Luraschi
Tony Luraschi
Craig Wasson
Sterling Hayden
Patricia Quinn
Niall O'Brien
TP McKenna
Niall Toibin
Frank Grimes
Elizabeth Begley
Bosco Hogan
Ray McAnally
Joe Lynch
Allan Cuthbertson
Geoffrey Palmer
Gabriel Byrne
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