The Party

Film, Comedy
The Party

Time Out says

Sellers gets to do his funny accent as an accident-prone Indian actor brought to Hollywood, fired for inadvertently sabotaging the movie (a briefly hilarious parody of Gunga Din), and invited in error to a posh party at the studio chief's home. From there on, Blake Edwards flexes his Jacques Tati muscles, spinning an elaborate garland of gags around one rather drawn-out situation as Sellers - seconded by a drunken waiter and a baby elephant - innocently reduces the party by degrees to an apocalyptic shambles and his hosts to gibbering wrecks. Quite a few very funny moments, but one doesn't laugh so much as admire the ingenuity.


Release details

98 mins

Cast and crew

Blake Edwards
Tom Waldman, Blake Edwards, Frank Waldman
Peter Sellers
Fay McKenzie
Marge Champion
J Edward McKinley
Claudine Longet
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