The Pedestrian


Time Out says

A strange excursion into writing, producing and directing for actor Schell, with a depressing tale of an elderly German industrialist whose life falls apart after he is banned from driving due to an accident in which his son is killed. The press claims he is a war criminal, workers at his factory get restless, and confusion sets in with a vengeance. Notable mainly for its weird casting: the gaggle of grandes dames; Sellner, in the lead part, was head of the Berlin Opera; and yes, it is the Peter Hall, playing a scandal-mongering newspaper editor.


Release details

97 mins

Cast and crew

Maximilian Schell
Maximilian Schell
Gustav Rudolf Sellner
Maximilian Schell
Peter Hall
Gila von Weitershausen
Peggy Ashcroft
Elisabeth Bergner
Lil Dagover
Françoise Rosay
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