The Perfect Murder


Time Out says

Someone tries to bump off Mr Perfect, you see, private secretary to a building tycoon. He survives - which is more than can be said for this Bombay duck. Inspector Ghote (Shah) is called in to investigate. The malignant millionaire (Khan) doesn't like it; nor does his wife (Madhur Jaffrey); nor, for that matter, does anybody else. Ghote's wife wants him home with her; his boss wants him to solve the case of a Minister's missing ring; and he is expected to look after a visiting Swedish criminologist. Nothing goes according to plan. HRF Keating's adaptation of his own novel, though shot in English, must surely have been originally intended for home consumption in India. A mixture of cack-handed slapstick and schmaltz, it seems primarily a tribute to Carry On Up the Khyber. An Indian throwaway.


Release details

93 mins

Cast and crew

Zafar Hai
HRF Keating, Zafar Hai
Naseeruddin Shah
Stellan Skarsgard
Amjad Khan
Madhur Jaffrey
Ratna Pathak Shah
Sakina Jaffrey
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