The Phantom Lover


Time Out says

This grandiose vehicle for Leslie Cheung was intended to launch his comeback from a few years of 'retirement' as a singer, but neither the movie nor the soundtrack CD impressed the justifiably cynical HK public. Shot in China and based on a much more interesting 1937 melodrama made in Shanghai, it's a thinly plotted riff on the Phantom of the Opera story: Cheung plays the acid-scarred tenor who's reduced to warbling to his true love from behind a curtain while a surrogate beau mimes his words on stage. Awesomely insincere, the film piles on the romantic imagery and hopes the anachronistic score will glutinise the viewer's natural resistance.


Release details

102 mins

Cast and crew

Ronny Yu
Ronny Yu, Roy Szeto, Raymond Wong Bak-Ming
Leslie Cheung
Liu Lin
Huang Lei
Wu Qian Lian
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