The Phantom of the Opera

Film, Horror

Time Out says

There were many fingers in this pie during production, most of them no longer on the credits, which doubtless accounts for its hobbling exposition and the pathetic scenes that separate its highpoints. But the highs are way up there with the best in the tradition of Gothic fantasy: Chaney's best ever phantom, his face scarred to hell by acid, unmasked at the organ by the timorous heroine; the phantom stopping a costume ball when he appears as the Red Death; the phantom shrouded in the most romantic cape ever seen, perched on top of the statue of Apollo to eavesdrop on the lovers. And the sustained crescendo of the end is still unrivalled.

By: TR


Release details

8 mins

Cast and crew

Rupert Julian
Elliott J Clawson
Snitz Edwards
Norman Kerry
Mary Philbin
Arthur Edmund Carewe
Lon Chaney
Gibson Gowland
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