The Plague of the Zombies

Film, Horror

Time Out says

Perhaps a little tame these days, compared with modern gore-shock, but Gilling's Hammer chiller about zombies being exploited by a Cornish tin-mine owner (echoes of the classic White Zombie) is highly atmospheric. Often imaginatively directed (in particular a splendid, nightmarishly green-tinted vision of the undead rising from the graveyard earth), it boasts really classy photography (Arthur Grant) and an outstanding performance from Jacqueline Pearce (the admirable snake-woman from The Reptile, here being beheaded to save her from untimely zombification).


Release details

91 mins

Cast and crew

John Gilling
Peter Bryan
Andre Morell
Diane Clare
Brook Williams
Jacqueline Pearce
John Carson
Alex Davion
Michael Ripper