The Polygraph


Time Out says

Do memories - or lie-detectors - always reveal the truth? That's just one of questions raised by Lepage's ambitious but occasionally clumsy follow-up to The Confessional. Did François murder his lover two years ago? His neighbour, Lucie - playing, as it happens, the dead woman in a film being made by the latter's friend - finds him gentle and supportive, but then she's too busy with her own new, mysterious lover (Stormare, the psycho from Fargo) to realise that François was once a prime suspect. If this complex, visually adventurous exploration of memory, guilt and the strange connections between apparently unconnected people and events may be seen as another oddball Hitchcockian pastiche, it's also rather too contrived for its own good. Very watchable, nevertheless.

By: GA


Release details

104 mins

Cast and crew

Robert Lepage
Robert Lepage, Marie Brassard
Patrick Goyette
Marie Brassard
Peter Stormare
Maria de Medeiros
Josée Deschênes
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