The Premature Burial

Film, Horror

Time Out says

The third of Corman's generally impressive Poe cycle suffers from the fact that Milland, rather than Vincent Price (lead in most of the other entries in the series), stars as the cataleptic medical student haunted by fantastic fears of being buried alive like his father before him. Needless to say, nightmare becomes reality and revenge is meted out; indeed, the predictability of the plotting clearly led Corman to focus his attention, somewhat decoratively, on conjuring up a gloomy Gothic atmosphere that, while effective, too often seems an end in itself, rather than a means of creating horror. The film does have its macabre moments, however, notably Milland proudly showing friends around a tomb he has devised for himself, complete with a variety of exits should his worst dreams come true.

By: GA


Release details

81 mins

Cast and crew

Roger Corman
Charles Beaumont, Ray Russell
Ray Milland
Hazel Court
Richard Ney
Heather Angel
Alan Napier
Dick Miller
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