The Premonition


Time Out says

This slow-burning and finally rather unsatisfying genre offering teases the viewer with a smorgasbord of doomy portentousness. Having confided numerous sexual fantasies to her diary and a subsequent, rather daring academic assignment, schoolgirl Mikaela (Magnusson) is understandably alarmed when the bespectacled Swedish teacher (Green), who's the object of her adolescent desire, appears to act out her innermost sado-masochistic dreams. The narrative looks set to burst into carnage when Mikaela's mind conjures an ominously threatening set of images. Hammerich keeps us waiting an age before anything definitively bloody occurs and his movie hits the rocks as soon as he has to put away the fancy flummery and come up with a pay-off.

By: TJ


Release details

114 mins

Cast and crew

Rumle Hammerich
Carina Rydberg
Tova Magnusson
Figge Norling
Lars Green
Björn Kjellman
Niklas Hjulström
Malin Berghagen
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