The President's Analyst

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

A neglected satire whose premise is the secrets to which the US President's shrink is privy, and the ways in which these endanger him. Pursued by everyone from foreign agents to security organisations like the FBI and the CIA, Coburn quickly becomes a picaresque hero on the run through an America whose psychological landscape is every bit as absurd as Hunter Thompson's Las Vegas. Inevitably, in a paranoid conspiracy-theory movie about ten years before its time, some sequences - like a psychedelic sojourn with a hippy group - are now badly dated. But overall it's hilarious stuff, held together by Coburn's tongue-in-cheek performance, one of his best.

By: RM


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Cast and crew

Theodore J Flicker
Theodore J Flicker
James Coburn
Godfrey Cambridge
Severn Darden
Joan Delaney
Pat Harrington
Barry McGuire
Eduard Franz
Will Geer
William Daniels
Joan Darling
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