The Producers

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Brooks' first feature, an absolutely hilarious and tasteless New York Jewish comedy about Broadway. Mostel plays a producer determined to clean up by staging the worst flop in history, first making sure that it's over-backed by all of the rich widows hot for him. Mostel and Wilder (as his bumbling Portnovian accountant) ham outrageously, and some of the humour falls flat. But the all-time flop itself could serve as a definition of kitsch, its centrepiece being the number 'Springtime for Hitler', all tits, pretzels and beer steins, in the best tradition of gaudy American burlesque.


Release details

88 mins

Cast and crew

Mel Brooks
Mel Brooks
Kenneth Mars
Estelle Winwood
Dick Shawn
Gene Wilder
Renee Taylor
Lee Meredith
Zero Mostel
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