The Punk and the Princess


Time Out says

An adaptation of 14-year-old Gideon Sams' cult novel The Punk, made 15 years after publication by 53-year-old singer/sometime-director Mike Sarne (who also co-produced and wrote the screenplay). David (Creed-Miles), the disaffected son of an odious copper, wanders the streets of Notting Hill. One day he stumbles backstage during rehearsals for a fringe production of Romeo and Juliet. There he meets spoilt rich-girl Rachel (Hadaway), and amid the sniffing, spliffing, squalor and squats of West London, the star-cross'd lovers experience the usual coming-of-age problems. Very poor in all departments.

By: NF


Release details

96 mins

Cast and crew

Mike Sarne
Mike Sarne
Charlie Creed-Miles
Vanessa Hadaway
David Shawyer
Jess Conrad
Jacqueline Skarvellis
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