The Quarry


Time Out says

This religious thriller, based on a novel by Damon Galgut, is set in a one-car township in Nowheresville, South Africa. Lynch stars as a (presumed) prison escapee who accidentally kills a Baptist minister who sexually propositions him. Dumping the body in a quarry, in desperation he assumes the man's identity in a new ministry. When two dope-growing blacks steal his luggage, the ruse is revealed, but they are banged in stir by racist cop Phillips. Subsequently, a body is found near their dope patch and they're charged with murder. How will the 'minister' react? With nice visuals, a patient, leisurely pace and a strong performance by Lynch, this riff on conscience and justice would have been more convincing were it not for its over-reliance on coincidence.

By: WH


Release details

112 mins

Cast and crew

Marion Hänsel
Marion Hänsel
John Lynch
Oscar Petersen
Sylvia Esau
Jody Abrahams
Serge-Henri Valcke
Jonathan Phillips
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