The Raven


Time Out says

A second teaming for Karloff and Lugosi after the success of The Black Cat. This time round Bela has the upper hand as a surgeon obsessed by Poe, frustrated in his passion for a beautiful dancer (Ware) after repairing the damage when her face is scarred in a car crash, and mutilating Karloff's ugly criminal even further when he arrives for a face job, in order to force his cooperation in pursuing his ugly designs on the girl. An absurd script, without a hint of self-parody, and a nicely equipped set (moving walls, a razor-sharp pendulum that slowly lowers itself on to victims) make for entertaining if undemanding viewing.


Release details

62 mins

Cast and crew

Louis Friedlander Lew Landers
David Boehm
Bela Lugosi
Boris Karloff
Irene Ware
Lester Matthews
Samuel S Hinds