The Real Blonde

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

This attempt at combining satirical comedy with deeply felt emotional drama is only fitfully successful. One minute, he's mocking the inanities of the New York film, fashion and music industries. The next, he's scratching over the relationship between his antagonists, struggling actor Modine and make-up artist Keener, with Bergman-like intensity. There are some wonderful moments along the way - Keener beating up her martial arts tutor (Leary) or Modine as a pimpled, white-skinned extra in a Madonna video. Caulfield is sardonic and funny as the louche young seducer/soap opera star who shrivels up when he has the chance to make love with a real blonde (Hannah). Modine is enjoyably sanctimonious as the Arthur Miller-spouting young thesp, but, bizarrely, director DiCillo, while mocking everybody else, seems to take him at face value.

By: GM


Release details

105 mins

Cast and crew

Tom DiCillo
Tom DiCillo
Matthew Modine
Catherine Keener
Daryl Hannah
Kathleen Turner
Maxwell Caulfield
Elizabeth Berkley
Buck Henry
Christopher Lloyd
Denis Leary
Steve Buscemi
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