The Red Squirrel


Time Out says

Abandoned by his girl, washed up as a rock singer, Jota (Novo) is on the brink of suicide when he sees a biker skidding off the road. First on the scene, he discovers a young woman (Suárez), physically unharmed, but without memory or ID. Improvising wildly, Jota claims she is his girlfriend Lisa and steals her away from hospital to a remote campsite ('The Red Squirrel') where, he says, they will become reacquainted. As 'Lisa's' old personality begins to reassert itself, events take a dark turn, and it becomes clear Jota's got a lot more than he bargained for. Funny in both senses, the movie is improbable, melodramatic and overblown, yet utterly compelling and entirely persuasive. The Basque writer/director Julio Medem (Vacas) addresses psycho-sexual power plays, the nature of identity, lies and surprises. A fervid romantic mystery, forever flying off in new and unexpected directions.

By: TCh


Release details

104 mins

Cast and crew

Julio Medem
Julio Medem
Nancho Novo
Emma Suárez
María Barranco
Carmelo Gómez
Karra Elejalde
Cristina Marcos
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