The Red Squirrel


Time Out says

Abandoned by his girl, washed up as a rock singer, Jota (Novo) is on the brink of suicide when he sees a biker skidding off the road. First on the scene, he discovers a young woman (Suárez), physically unharmed, but without memory or ID. Improvising wildly, Jota claims she is his girlfriend Lisa and steals her away from hospital to a remote campsite ('The Red Squirrel') where, he says, they will become reacquainted. As 'Lisa's' old personality begins to reassert itself, events take a dark turn, and it becomes clear Jota's got a lot more than he bargained for. Funny in both senses, the movie is improbable, melodramatic and overblown, yet utterly compelling and entirely persuasive. The Basque writer/director Julio Medem (Vacas) addresses psycho-sexual power plays, the nature of identity, lies and surprises. A fervid romantic mystery, forever flying off in new and unexpected directions.


Release details

104 mins

Cast and crew

Julio Medem
Julio Medem
Nancho Novo
Emma Suárez
María Barranco
Carmelo Gómez
Karra Elejalde
Cristina Marcos
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