The Return of Doctor X

Film, Horror

Time Out says

A brisk B horror, not so much a sequel to Dr X as an imitation of The Walking Dead, with Bogart replacing Karloff as the executed man brought back to zombie life, this time with vampiric lusts to boot, by a doctor (Litel) made up to look like Leslie Banks in The Most Dangerous Game. Directed with some style by Sherman (his first film), but saddled with the usual lame script and designed too much as a vehicle for the routinely breezy reporter hero (Morris), it's worth watching mainly for Bogart's baleful performance. The best moment is his unsettling first appearance, emerging from the depths of Litel's laboratory, pallid in pince-nez, with a white streak in his hair and a white rabbit in his arms.

By: TM


Release details

62 mins

Cast and crew

Vincent Sherman
Lee Katz
Wayne Morris
Rosemary Lane
Dennis Morgan
Humphrey Bogart
John Litel
Lya Lys
William Hopper
Huntz Hall
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