The Return of the Living Dead

Film, Horror

Time Out says

Any film which features a dead, bald and very hungry punk lurching towards the camera screaming 'More Brains!' gets my vote. Directed by O'Bannon courtesy of George Romero, this is an energetic cross-referencing of genre: not just a horror movie, but a comic apocalyptic zombie horror movie. O'Bannon has his cake, eats it, and then throws it up in the face of the audience. Warehousemen unwittingly release a zombie interred by the CIA (of course) along with a nifty gas which ensures that local graveyards are bursting at the seams with brain-peckish corpses. Most of the film froths and bubbles merrily: there is a deeply artistic sequence where a punkette dances naked on a tombstone before being transformed into a zombie, and another moving bit where para-meds get their heads munched. Finally, however, O'Bannon runs short on the bad taste gags. Matters conclude, anti-climactically, with the death of civilised life as we know it.


Release details

91 mins

Cast and crew

Dan O'Bannon
Dan O'Bannon
Beverly Randolph
Clu Gulager
Thom Mathews
Don Calfa
James Karen
John Philbin
Jewel Shepard
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