The Return of the Musketeers

Film, Action and adventure

Time Out says

Those boisterous idealists are back behind the reins, and despite the prolonged rest since the last in Lester's series of Dumas adaptations, they're looking pretty saddle-sore. Twenty years on, after a parting of ways, the musketeers are reunited - following initial skirmishes which divide loyalties - by France's Queen Anne (Chaplin) in a bid to save King Charles (Paterson) from the chop. Laying siege to their plan is the avenging Justine (Cattrall), daughter of their old enemy Milady. Howell acquits himself well enough as the bookish adopted son of Athos (Reed), while old troopers York, Finlay, Chamberlain and Kinnear (his last performance) coast lazily through their roles. The most glaring weakness lies in the needless complexity of the action, which at times threatens to overwhelm what little coherence exists as subplots tumble into each other until a speedy resolution in the final frames. Only undemanding fans of preceding instalments will find something to enjoy.


Release details

101 mins

Cast and crew

Richard Lester
George MacDonald Fraser
Michael York
Oliver Reed
Frank Finlay
C Thomas Howell
Kim Cattrall
Geraldine Chaplin
Roy Kinnear
Christopher Lee
Philippe Noiret
Richard Chamberlain
Eusebio Lazaro
Alan Howard
Bill Paterson
Jean-Pierre Cassel
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