The Return of the Pink Panther

Film, Comedy
The Return of the Pink Panther

Time Out says

Fourth in the series, promisingly reuniting Edwards and Sellers with their respective careers not exactly buoyant since A Shot in the Dark ten years earlier, The Return of the Pink Panther delivers a good deal of that promise, from Richard Williams' ultra-ritzy animated credits to the four or five brilliantly timed set pieces of Clouseau-engineered mayhem. Things are shakier whenever Sellers is off-screen, and especially whenever Plummer's debonair jewel thief is on; and the movie wastes time on its jet-set locations, has too many British character actors in unfunny bit parts, and cries out for a devastating finale which never comes. But the occasional misfires, with the verbal gags rarely as inspired as the visual ones, are forgiveable in the context of Clouseau's running battles with swimming pools, a vacuum cleaner, false moustaches, gear levers that come away in the hand, and his oriental factotum-cum-sparring partner.


Release details

113 mins

Cast and crew

Blake Edwards
Blake Edwards, Frank Waldman
John Bluthal
Peter Sellers
Christopher Plummer
Eric Pohlmann
Peter Arne
Grégoire Aslan
Peter Jones
Peter Jeffrey
Herbert Lom
Graham Stark
Victor Spinetti
Catherine Schell
Burt Kwouk
David Lodge
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