The Road Builder


Time Out says

Brown rules the roost in her rambling old mansion, gossiping with cronies about the vicar's (entirely imaginary) sex-change operation and visiting casual cruelties on her aging adopted daughter (Neal). Her other mistake is to hire personable itinerant Clay to look after the garden, when someone called the Travelling Maniac is on the loose. Starting as an analogue of Night Must Fall, Dahl's script segues fascinatingly into areas explored contemporaneously in Chabrol's Le Boucher. The contributions of Thomson, Pratt and Herrmann are exemplary, but Reid is the sort of plodding director something of this sort absolutely doesn't need. From the novel Nest in a Falling Tree by Joy Cowley.


Release details

102 mins

Cast and crew

Alastair Reid
Roald Dahl
Patricia Neal
Pamela Brown
Jean Anderson
Graham Crowden
Brigit Forsyth
Nicholas Clay
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