The Road to El Dorado


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Hope and Crosby's Road series never made it to El Dorado, but their wisecracking, lighthearted spirit is the inspiration for this DreamWorks challenge to Disney's pre-eminence in the animated field. Spain, 1519: adventurers Tulio and Miguel have just won in a dice game a map pinpointing El Dorado, legendary city of gold. Stowing away on the ship carrying conquistador Cortes, they fortuitously hit the right spot on the other side of the Atlantic, whereupon the scenario switches to Man Who Would Be King territory. Acclaimed as gods by the tribespeople, the rapscallions are unsure how deities behave, but with canny native girl Chel in on the ruse, an arrangement may yet be struck to benefit everyone. The banter between the roguish duo provides amiable diversion, while intermittently impressive action sequences bring on a deadly whirlpool, a forerunner of basketball, and an imposingly scary demon.

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