The Road to Nhill


Time Out says

One day in the sleepy outback community of Nhill, four elderly members of the ladies' bowls team have a car accident and find themselves hanging upside down by their seat belts. The wait begins for the emergency services, and an extended comedy of errors gets under way - not out-and-out farce, but a kind of amiable, plausible fumbling. Alison Tilson's screenplay tells us again and again that Australian men are crap, but the womenfolk have to put up with them, while Sue Brooks' direction backs it up with a lot of portentous aerial shots. If droll detachment was intended, such over-emphasis breaks the spell.

By: TJ


Release details

95 mins

Cast and crew

Sue Brooks
Alison Tilson
Bill Young
Bill Hunter
Patricia Kennedy
Vikki Blanche
Monica Maughan
Terry Norris
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