The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Film, Drama
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Time Out says

Why did the fans turn late-nite screenings of this cult favourite into an elaborate ritual of dressing-up, singing along, throwing rice and waving cigarette lighters? Well, for one thing, the material inspires affection, given its knowing pastiche of everything from Universal horrors to '50s grade-Z sci-fi, and a shamelessly hedonistic, fiercely independent sensibility that must have seemed a welcome relief from the mainstream bombast of other '70s musicals (not exactly Jesus Christ Superstar, is it?). However, dare we suggest that the whole participation angle evolved to boost a movie that is something of an enthusiastic shambles, and collapses altogether in the final reel? Fresh-faced Sarandon and Bostwick are the all-American honeymooners who wind up in the tender care of Tim Curry's camper-than-thou Transylvanian transvestite, O'Brien's hunchback butler and sundry kinky cronies. A string of hummable songs gives it momentum, Gray's admirably straight-faced narrator holds it together, and a run on black lingerie takes care of almost everything else.


Release details

101 mins

Cast and crew

Jim Sharman
Jim Sharman, Richard O'Brien
Susan Sarandon
Jonathan Adams
Peter Hinwood
Patricia Quinn
Christopher Biggins
Charles Gray
Nell Campbell
Richard O'Brien
Barry Bostwick
Tim Curry
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