The Runner


Time Out says

An astonishing piece of film-making in which Naderi's harsh account of modern poverty supports passages of extravagant but unsentimental lyricism. Amiro (Nirumand) is an illiterate ten-year-old orphan living in a rusting tanker hulk, beached in a Persian Gulf shantytown. Life is a struggle, and garbage-picking and peddling water just about pay for a watermelon diet. Bigger boys try to steal his empty bottles, a man snatches the block of ice he needs to cool the water he sells. Amiro learns to fight back. He's a runner, and he wants to run with the best of them. Young Nirumand gives a performance to make Rossellini weep, and the soundtrack is a joy.

By: PHo


Release details

94 mins

Cast and crew

Amir Naderi
Amir Naderi, Behruz Gharibpur
Majid Nirumand
Musa Torkizadeh
A Gholamzadeh
Reza Ramezani
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