The Scarlet Letter


Time Out says

Hawthorne's novel offers, however improbable a project, themes that connect with the main lines of Wenders' work: the central figure of the adulteress is an outsider in her own society, and the community of European immigrants are strangers in a strange land. But the movie is as uncharacteristic as you'd expect. Wenders made it (just after The Goalkeeper's Fear of the Penalty) as a kind of exercise in fiction, and it definitely lacks the emotional conviction that usually distinguishes his work. But Wenders' admirers will find a lot to interest them. The only major weakness is Jürgen Knieper's excessive score.

By: TR


Release details

89 mins

Cast and crew

Wim Wenders
Wim Wenders, Bernardo Fernandez
Senta Berger
Hans Christian Blech
Lou Castel
Yelena Samarina
Yella Rottländer
William Layton
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